Vendit packages POS and PrestaShop with Icecat Connector for Retailers

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Vendit uses Icecat connect

POS supplier Vendit uses the Prestashop Icecat Connector for its retail partners to offer a full-service product content package. This includes the following: a managed PrestaShop webstore, a connected Point Of Sales (POS) system, and the rich product content from Icecat via the standard connector. Vendit’s roots go back to 1986, and thus the early days of retail automation. It successfully pivoted to omnichannel. Especially, because of the lockdowns, a must for its clientele.

Icecat connector for Vendit customers

Vendit already created many Prestashop webshops for its customers. Already quite a few of these customers are provided with Icecat data via the Prestashop Icecat connector. A major advantage is that this content connector creates and updates the required product content that automatically matches a Vendit retailer’s portfolio. This data includes product specifications, descriptions, and images. For a retailer, it is also possible to edit the content and maintain professionally managed multilayer navigation filters. Every night the Icecat connector automatically syncs the PrestaShop catalog with the Icecat database.

Benefits for Vendit

There are several benefits for Vendit to use the Prestashop Icecat connector for its customers. Firstly, with the Icecat connector, Vendit offers its retail clients a very affordable and state-of-the-art rich product content service. Furthermore, Vendit, nor its retail clients, need to worry about the integration as Iceshop takes full care of the installation and management of the connector.

Do you want more information, or do you want to be connected with the Icecat connector? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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