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The Iceshop PIM is now available for review on Crozdesk is a business software discovery platform. It helps buyers to find and compare 1000s of software products across 280+ different categories since 2014.

Now that Icepim is registered, it will be easier to collect user reviews. With these reviews, we want to gain better insights into the usage and user experience of customers to further improve Icepim. We are of course motivated to improve our PIM score, to win awards. At the moment the Icepim scores 62/100 points. The top 5 of the PIM Award 2020 are as follows: Akeneo, Pimcore, Salsify, Widen Collective, and Sales Layer.

Crozdesk judges the PIM on four points. Firstly, the product’s relevance regarding this list. Secondly, breakdowns of user satisfaction per product. Further, the market attendance score of each vendor. And finally, the buzz score. The PIM registered on Crozdesk, will help to raise brand awareness.

Crozdesk Market Radar

The Crozdesk Market Radar divides companies into four categories in the PIM award list. Icepim is listed as “Market Leader” by Crozdesk.

Do you have any experience with Icepim? Please leave a review on Crozdesk to help us further improve the PIM. If you have any questions about Icepim, please contact Iceshop via our website.

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