New: Icecat Shopify connector by Iceshop

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Icecat Shopify connector by Iceshop

Iceshop launches a new add-on, an Icecat Shopify connector. This in addition to existing ones for Prestashop, Magento, and WooCommerce. These connectors not only link the most popular e-commerce platforms to PIM environments but also automate the import of Icecat product content. For example, product images, specifications, digital assets, and descriptions. All products are automatically enriched with product content on a daily base. Except for products for which a content lock is configured.

Why content integration?

A merchant needs content integration to connect its e-commerce site with its other online sales channels. And to connect back-end systems such as an ERP, or PIM with front-end systems such as a Point-Of-Sale system. A connector makes it possible to exchange information seamlessly between all such systems. As a result, an e-commerce business saves time, money, and makes fewer human errors as all manual tasks are automated.

For example, a retailer can keep track of the price. But, also how much inventory he has of each product in the ERP system. For example, if they sell a product online, the stock quantity needs to real-time adjusted. Without integration, one has to change inventory counts in both systems manually. But, with integration, inventory numbers are synchronized automatically.

What exactly do you want to achieve?

First, map out your goal. What exactly do I want to achieve? Before you build a website and everything that comes with it, it is good to first think about the following points: Who is the target group? What exactly do I want to achieve? Or sell? What options should be available? When did I reach my goal?

Search for a solution that suits your needs

Then go and see what options there are. Do not immediately go with the first option you find. Compare different options and see what best suits the answers to the above questions. Avoiding mistakes saves a lot of time and money.

Subscribe for Pilot

With 20+ years of experience, Iceshop continuously works on many different customized and cutting-edge e-commerce and PIM solutions. Iceshop delivers best-in-class data connectors and supports a multi-supplier set-up. This is a unique competence in combination with rich content integration, PIM cloud management, and running complete e-commerce projects.

For more information about the Icecat Shopify connector or other integration solutions, contact Iceshop directly. Also, you can subscribe until 18th of September 2020 for the Connection with Shopify pilot.

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