About Iceshop

Iceshop: a frontrunner since 1998 in e-commerce services. As Internet Commerce Engineers we are constantly improving online marketing and sales: more cost-effective and state of the art.

Through the years, Iceshop developed a number of configurable services that can be connected to your administrative systems and those of your suppliers. Iceshop offers these services at fair and fixed pricelevels, without additional costs for data communications, numer of orders, pageviews, etc.

iceshop_wwvdOne of the biggest advantages of e-commerce is the uplift in efficiencies of your existing purchasing and sales processes. The other big advantage is that you can offer your existing customers more ordering convenience. Iceshop engineers and implements process optimization through online links with your suppliers and your own back office or administrative services. Iceshop connects to SAP, AccountView, Unit 4, Exact, Baan, Navision, and many other ERP or back office systems.

logo_takeitnow Iceshop BV is a subsidiary of Icecat NV. Icecat is the global provider of digital product content. Iceshop uniquely qualified to advise its customers because  the founders gained hands on experience with their own online webshop TakeitNow, sold in 2008 to Aces Direct. Iceshop and Icecat have their own highly qualified development departments in Ukraine. 

logo_bataviSince the launch of the free Open Icecat service, Iceshop aims at offering e-commerce services on their own platform Batavi (Open Source technology). The software is 100% object oriented, which means that our designers and developers  respond to your requirements more quickly and flexibly, boosting quality in terms of look and feel and functionality. This applies to both the front and the back office (admin), allowing you to manage your shop. We can provide one stop shopping:  the full range of design, implementation, to custom development. Also optional hosting and support services are available. In 2013 Iceshop launched Icepim, the in the cloud productmanager.

In February 2010, Iceshop expanded the business by the acquisition (by parent group iMerge BV) of Vivendo, a leading player in Magento. Iceshop has broadened the range of services to this popular open source software, which is used particularly on SMEs and less demanding webshops in terms of product- and visitor volumes. Since then much Magento expertise was gained, resulting in development of advanced Magento tools related to our core services.

Where to Buy Solutions by HatchSince 2010 sister company Hatch is active in the online leads market.  Hatch enables online sales conversion for manufacturers by converting prospects into buyers via authorized online resellers.

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