New Iceshop Magento Module More Efficient

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Iceshop Magento modules

The Iceshop Magento module introduces several improvements. First of all, the optimization of the image import process. Secondly, ensuring unique URL keys for products. And adjustments to URL keys for products in case of non-alphanumeric characters in product names.

What was the issue? Some of our clients ran into other problems related to URL keys. But these are now fixed with this new Iceshop Magento module update. In some cases, Magento threw errors regarding incorrect or non-unique URL keys, causing our process image queue to stop. With these improvements to our modules, the image queue processing now runs smoothly again.

Icecat connect image process

The new Magento Icecat connector improves the image download process. For example, images that are already added will not be downloaded again. This improvement will speed up the download process considerably.

Iceimport option to add a prefix for product URL key

Further improvements to the URL key are live as well. Before our improvement, the module used the product name in a URL link. But, as multiple products can have the same product name, this led to non-unique URLs. With our new improvement, every product in Magento generates a unique URL. We do this by adding a combination of brand and product code to the URL key.

Non-alphanumeric characters replaced by a “-“

A URL must not contain non-alphanumerical characters. Otherwise, the URL will not work correctly. Sometimes product names contain non-alphanumeric characters, for example for inches (“). In case there is a non-alphanumeric character in a product name, then a “” will now automatically replace the URL key. In this way, every unique product and category URL in Magento will always work.

Icecat Magento Module by Iceshop

Iceshop provides user-friendly modules for the popular Magento platform. These modules automatically import Icecat product content. This includes product images, specifications, descriptions, marketing texts, but also rich content. Our aim is to make e-business easy.

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