Distributor DIFOX added to Iceshop Network

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Distributor DIFOX added to Iceshop

Distributor DIFOX joins the Iceshop distributor network. DIFOX is one of the largest independent wholesalers in Europe, with more than 100 years of history. DIFOX’s 30,000 products of 500 different A-brands are now easier to find by retailers. Because DIFOX will appear automatically in the catalog systems of resellers in our network. For each product in the catalog, our system indicates which of the 300 distributors can deliver it and for what price. This will definitely generate more business for DIFOX.

Connect with Iceimport

Technically, there is now a DIFOX connector with Iceimport. Resellers use Iceimport’s distributor connection to import in several exchange formats the reseller-specific pricing of DIFOX as well. But, also stock data is exchanged.

DIFOX in Iceportal

Iceportal is a web-based purchase portal for retailers to find information about products and distributors. It is also very interesting for DIFOX as its catalog is now easy to find for retailers. And this makes it easier for retailers to find and buy its A-brand products.

DIFOX and Iceshop want to expand the network via Iceportal to syndicate the best product purchase information. For example, if a product is in stock. Or when someone places an order and the distributor also has a connection with Iceorder. Then the retailers can receive the order status and track and trace code via the web portal as well. Soon there will also be new filter options in Iceportal.

Do you want more information about DIFOX, Iceimport, or Iceportal? Please contact us directly.

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