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PIM Selectors

Icepim is now live on the PIM (Product Information Management) selectors PIM selection and PIM Solutions. This, in addition to inclusion on review site These websites collect data about PIM systems and compare these with customer needs. In this way, they try to help a user to choose the best PIM system for an application area.

Not only consumers are making use of comparison sites like Google shopping,, and Kieskeurig, but also business professionals. Being present on comparison sites helps to improve brand awareness and convince, in our case, more potential customers to consider Icepim. We believe it is the most convenient PIM system in its class. Especially, for medium to large companies. Below, I explain why.

Automating content and e-commerce flows

Unique is that Icepim specializes in automating content and e-commerce business flows. It seamlessly integrates the popular product content service Icecat, offers 100s of supplier connections, and supports mappings, filtering rules, and pricing rules. Especially, large-scale e-businesses save a lot of time with Icepim thanks to the many automation options. Furthermore, Icepim is state-of-the-art as it is supplemented with rich content, and it allows for easy management of product content. This why Icepim stands out in PIM selectors.

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