Icepim 2.3.7: New Magento 2 API Connector, Importing Products from XLSX feed, Icecat Content Filter, and Restock Date to CSV export

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  August 22, 2022
release notes

Icepim 2.3.7 is now live. What are the new features and improvements of the Icepim 2.3.7 version? Firstly, we will discuss the New Magento 2 API connector, Importing products from the XLSX feed. Furthermore, we will highlight the Icecat content filter and the restock date in the CSV report. The previous Icepim release notes are available here.

NEW: Magento 2 API connector

Recently, we developed a new Magento module (Icepimconnect) and Magento IcePIM connector that includes listing products on Magento and enrichment operations. However, the IcePimConnect module must be installed in your Magento environment. The new connector can automatically load the complete product content in your Magento web store database. At the same time, the IcePIM connector uses this module to send products and content to your webshop.

For example, you can send products to the web store from IcePIM with Magento SOAP API without CSV export. It also supports multi-shop/multi-store Magento websites.  

To sum up, the available features of this connector are:

  • Onboarding; it sends all categories and products to Magento. Sent products are assigned to related categories. This process will set categories and product statuses.
  • Content Update; this process sends all product content to Magento, which includes attributes, names, descriptions, and image URLs 
  • Price/Stock; this export type only sends prices and stock updates. As a result, your prices and stock values are updated quickly.
  • Images; this process downloads all the previously sent pictures.

The connector is available at an additional installation and usage fee.

Opportunity to import products from XLSX feed

Icecat content filter in export

It is possible to export product content to your live environment only for products enriched with Icecat content. To enable this function, please mark the checkbox.

Restock date to CSV export

Restock date is available in CSV Product export format. You can set this in export settings.

Full release log

New features and improvements:

  • A new Magento 2 API connector is available.
  • Added the opportunity to import the products from the XLSX feed.
  • A new custom field in the category is live.
  • Added short summary description and product URL to CSV export. 
  • Bullet points and short marketing text to the product are added.
  • Added “Icecat content filter” to post filters.
  • The restock date to CSV export is live
  • Improved Google export performance.

Furthermore, we solved some fixes:

  • Post filter on MPN. 
  • Send calculated price on Push API export.
  • Fix Swedish (Sweden) Icecat Language Code from SE to SV.
  • Prevent sending products to Shopify if Brand or MPN is empty.
  • Several minor bug fixes.
  • Text fixes.

In case you have any questions or need support. Please, contact us directly via the website.

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