Icepim 2.3.6: WooCommerce connector, Disable categories, Export price groups

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A new version of Icepim 2.3.6 is about to be released and it has a brand new extension to connect with WooCommerce, improved category presentation, as well as some other updates and fixes. The full release log is at the bottom of this post. Here, the previous Icepim 2.3.5 release.

New: WooCommerce connector

Next to our stand-alone Icecat – WooCommerce connector, which works directly on the Icecat environment, we now developed and released a WooCommerce extension on our Icepim solution. 

The Icepim–WooCommerce connector will enable Icepim users to export their assortment, categorization, pricing, and product content managed within Icepim to their WooCommerce environment. This connector gives the user flexible options to be in control when it comes to assortment, pricing, and rich content. For example, Icepim lets you control which attributes will be set as search filters within the WooCommerce environment.

Together with the Icepim – Icecat integration, this makes your WooCommerce shop assortment and product content management as automated as it can get. Icepim will update assortment, price, stock, and product content to WooCommerce on a predefined schedule.

If you have a WooCommerce shop and would like to automate your assortment and product content process, Icepim and the WooCommerce connector are the tools you need!

The connector is available at an additional installation and usage fee. For more information please contact us.

Disabled categories not shown in product category tree

Within the new version, you can disable and or enable a category within the category tree set-up page. When you disable a category, it will still be available within the category tree set-up page, but marked as disabled. However, it will not be visible within the Icepim product overview category tree, to keep your live category tree as easy and clean as possible with only enabled categories visible.

Export price groups output increased speed on non API connections

As we have added the possibility to work with price groups, the export of assortment and pricing using the CSV and XML output was impacted. It is highly dependent on the number of products and price rules within your Icepim setup. 

We have now changed the logic within our export engine for CSV and XML assortment outputs which increased its speed by around 50%. There was no update to the API as there was no impact on speed.

Quick pre-filters on brand conversions page

Within release 2.3.4, we added a bulk pre-filter option on the category conversion page. On user request, we also improved the Brand conversion page. It is now possible to batch select brands and add all selected brands to an import pre-filter at once. This will make it easier and faster to clean your assortment from brands that come from your suppliers’ imports that you do not want to carry anymore in your assortment.

icepim 2.3.6

Full release log:

Features and improvements added: 

  • Explanation text for update locks on product detail page
  • Disabled categories not showing on product page category tree
  • Increased speed on price groups product export for CSV and XML based output
  • Quick add pre-filters via Brand conversions page
  • Stay in active tab after saving within product type page tabs
  • Error message required fields on Import wizard improved
  • Icepim WooCommerce connector available


  • Category product count on product page
  • MPN selection on post filters
  • Warehouse officiality rule by using brand select option

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