Icepim 2.3.5: Multishop, Product Pricing Groups, Lock Button, and Icecat UNSPSC Code

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Icepim release notes

Icepim 2.3.5 is now live. In this Icepim 2.3.5 release, we discuss added shops, product pricing groups. Furthermore, we highlight the lock button and Icecat UNSPSC code. The full release log is at the bottom of the post. You can find the previous Icepim 2.3.4 release here.

Multishop support

Thanks to the add a “New shop” function, it is possible to manage multiple shops in one e-commerce environment: Icepim. By using one back office for multiple shops, you save a lot of time. For example, you can now export multiple products to multiple e-commerce environments with one back office.

You can find this function in the navigation menu under Settings. First, you have to create a new shop. You can do this under Settings -> Shops (see the screenshot below).

Added shops

After creating a new shop, you can manage the shop’s desired settings under Settings -> Shop selector (see the screenshot below).

Shop selector

You can choose from the options below and connect to the relevant shop.

connect to the desired shop

This new function is now live for Batavi. Do you have a different environment? Then, don’t hesitate to ask us about the possibilities.

Product pricing groups

With the addition of product pricing groups, it is possible to make different price rules for different product groups. You can add pricing rules for discounts, mark-up, and fixed prices. It does not have to be a fixed percentage because there are many more flexible options in our standard price-rule functionality.

Create a price group

For example, with two different export environments, you want to give everything a 10% discount but in the other environment only a 5% discount. To do this, create a Price group and add the Price group in a new Price rule. Take the following steps:

  • Create a price group: Go to Price -> Price group (see screenshot above)
  • Add the price group to a price rule: Pricing -> Pricing -> New price rule. Add here the desired price group and add the desired price rules (see the screenshot below).
Add the price group to a price rule
Icepim markup/ discount and fixed price options

Further, you only have to add the price rule to the desired export environment. For this, go to Exports and click on the edit button behind the desired environment (see screenshot below).

desired export button
desired export conditions

When running the new export, the entered price rule and the entered price group will be applied.

New option to lock products

A general lock button is added on the Product overview page. Select some products in the Product overview and then click on this blue circled button at the bottom of the page:

general lock button

After clicking on this button, it is possible to lock the chosen data.

set the chosen data to lock

The lock ensures that products in a category or brand are locked. When adding the lock right away, the category will not change when running a new import. Without a lock, products would be reset to the original category when running a new import. Thanks to this page, you can select and lock multiple products at once.

Added Icecat UNSPSC to Products CSV and Magento CSV exports

It is now also possible to export the UNSPSC-based classification code from Icecat to your environments. This makes the product information in your live environments even more complete.

Full release log

New features and improvements added:

  • Shops
  • Product pricing groups
  • Empty Delta exports will now set a notification, not an error
  • Option to add general lock products upon when moving categories
  • Icecat UNSPSC to Products CSV and Magento CSV exports
  • Creation of non matched products on Shopify


  • Issues setting product definition on saving a product
  • An issue with incorrect warehouse selector on import/price rule
  • Modified XML parsing to work with Icecat XML changes in Reasons To Buy
  • The issue causing the language not to be set correctly using the cron
  • Fixed issue with the caching of products
  • Products fields not being imported when the content lock was enabled
  • Products being unable to be copied
  • The issue causing custom numbers to be updated during import while not mapped

In case you have any questions or need support. Please, contact us directly via the website.

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