Icepim: your online productmanager

Always having trouble getting your product data in your webshop, the way you want it? Discover the possibilities of Icepim, the "in the cloud productmanager". Icepim is a flexible and powerful platform that imports any kind of data of any volume into a mastercatalog. You will be able to select, filter and create subcatalogs with all kinds of pricing, product relations (upselling), select warehouses, maintain product categories and brands, etc.

Powerful PIM functions

  • Extensive import functions with powerful import wizard
  • Product category management
  • Brands / Vendor management
  • Product data management, incl product types and locking of fields
  • Warehouse, suppliers, stock management
  • Flexible export functions to feed your system or webshop
  • Batch editor
  • Product relations management
  • Powerful dynamic pricing engine

Powerful connection drivers

  • Full Magento connect drivers, also Magento Enterprise
  • Icecat drivers, to maintain Open or Full Icecat XML
  • Iceimport drivers: access to 150+ distributors/suppliers
  • t drivers for ERP, e.g. SAP, Microsoft Navision
  • t drivers for any other capable system at low fixed price

The rates for Icepim in the cloud are based on:

  • Product volume: all products from all imported datafiles (own stock and/or suppliers)
  • Number of user accounts (default: one)
One user account Enterprise PIM
Up to 10.000 products € 99,-
Up to 25.000 products € 130,-
Up to 50.000 products € 160,-
Up to 100.000 products € 221,-
Up to 200.000 products € 342,-
Up to 300.000 products € 464,-
Up to 500.000 products € 707,-
Contact us if you need more space!
Extra users: +15% per user
The above pricing is in € per month.

Import datafiles 

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Assortment manager 

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Product pricing 

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Warehouses and suppliers 

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Export datafiles 

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