From Travel to E-commerce, waiting for the Vaccine

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After I finished my software development education, I started working in the travel industry as a PHP developer. I loved this job because of the nice conviviality and open ambiance. I mainly built a CMS system and was able to maintain and expand it. But, I lost my job due to COVID-19 as the travel industry imploded and other e-commerce soared. I dislike such instability.

Therefore, I started looking for a new challenge. I made the change from travel to e-commerce as I started last month as a PHP developer at Iceshop. The e-commerce environment is a whole new challenge for me. The job itself is not so new to me. I already have experience with PHP, Javascript, and mySQL. I also fit well in the Iceshop team because it is an international team and I speak fluently Dutch, English, and Turkish.

Maybe also nice to know about me: development is my passion. Further, I like to game, and I love to go out (if COVID-19 permits). I was born in the Netherlands and grew up in Rotterdam.

Unfortunately, I’m not the only one who lost a job due to COVID-19, and I’m certainly not the last. Fortunately, I found a new job quite quickly. Hopefully, most people who have become unemployed due to COVID-19, find also a job soon. And I also hope that the corona unemployment will drop to previous levels, now that new vaccines are available.


It’s not over yet, but thanks to the COVID-19 vaccines, the end is getting nearer and nearer. The opinions on the vaccines differ a lot. Some people fear long-term consequences and others prefer the vaccine today and believe it is the solution. Personally, at this moment, I know too little about it and would first like to wait for the results of the vaccine in the Netherlands, before taking it myself. Fortunately, I am not yet among the target group of vulnerable people that receives the vaccine first. This gives me the time to think more about it and see what it does to others.

The new normal

Furthermore, also with the vaccine and almost the end of these unstable times, I expect that life will never be totally the same as before the COVID-19 pandemic. UrbanNext wrote an article about seven interesting predictions for the changes that might occur.

The seven points that are expected to be different for everyone:

Houses, not apartments. People do not want to go to multi-story buildings anymore, but prefer their own house with a little garden.

Bunkers better than open-plan. The desire to prepare your home for natural or man-made hazards is no longer surprising.

Self-sufficient power and water. The goal is independence from the outside world, minimizing risks in the case of a full shutdown.

Filtration and neutralization. Water and air filter systems were often seen as an unnecessary addition. After the pandemic, this trend will change.

Home as the new office. More attention will be given to the arrangement of the workplace at home. So, less travel, more e-commerce.

Urban farming goes global. It used to be trendy to start small gardens near homes or on balconies, but now it will be a boom. It has been proven that physical interaction with living plants is good for our mental health.

Rejection of mass industry. The new world will be about things that matter. There will be fewer objects, and they will be chosen more responsibly. 

According to Deloitte, the world is also increasingly dependent on the digital world. Through COVID-19 it becomes visible what being digital truly means. It is not just about cool apps, but about having a solution chain that runs deep across processes, people, and technology. It’s a fundamental change in the way we work, live, and do business.
Because Iceshop helps to automate sales, purchasing, and product content processes for online environments, I think I made a good choice to go work for Iceshop.

Besides that, I wait and see what the future will bring me. For now, I am more than happy that I found quickly a new job. With my education and previous work experience, I will help to improve the current e-commerce services within Iceshop like Icepim, Icepimport, and Iceportal. But more importantly, I will also develop new ones by working on all areas for improvement.

I am looking forward to meeting clients and colleagues, online and in-person to achieve great things together!

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