Irish EverythingIT leverages Iceshop Vendor Network

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Everything IT uses Icepim and Iceimport Successfully

Everything IT, an Irish IT management and security provider since 2010, integrates Icepim and Iceimport on their new Magento webshop successfully. Last year Everything IT was looking for a solution to find the right supplier for hardware faster and speed up the purchase process. Therefore, web-EDI (electronic data interchange) to automate purchase management makes sense. Everything IT chose Iceshop, i.e., Icepim and Iceimport, given its standard connectivity to its Magento Commerce environment.

Iceshop’s services help us making the purchase and selling process simpler and faster by automating it. This allows us to focus on the most important thing: satisfied customers.

Denis Mc Auliffe, Systems Engineer at Everything IT

Benefits for Everything IT

What are, more in detail, the reasons for Everything IT, to integrate with Iceshop’s Vendor Network?

First, with the online product manager Icepim, Everything IT can standardize and centralize all product data. There are many customization options in Icepim. As a result, Everything IT can quickly and easily adjust the product data as desired. After managing the product data, Everything IT can distribute the data directly across its various channels. Leading to a shorter time to market.

Second, through the Web-EDI integration of Iceimport, Everything IT can find the right suppliers quickly and easily. Additionally, Everything IT uses Iceshop’s large vendor network with over 300 connected suppliers. Everything IT can select the preferred supplier using various filter options. Next, it is possible to connect to the selected supplier, which means that it is added to the preferred supplier list of Everything IT.

The final step in the automated purchase process is that the connected suppliers import their retailer-specific assortment, pricing, and stock data. Iceimport standardizes this product feed and adds rich product content from Icecat. This gives Everything IT direct access to the correct rich product content. For Everything IT also new suppliers are added to the Iceshop Vendor Network to benefit from the network effects. Everything IT’s new Magento webshop is now running thanks to the automation solutions from Iceshop smoothly.

Do you also want a connection to Everything IT? Or join the Vendor Network, like STRAX , Flex-IT DistributionDIFOX, and Integral Memory, and 300+ other Vendors? Or do you want to know more about the possibilities of Icepim? In those cases, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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