Download Unenriched Product List with Iceshop WooCommerce Connector

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download unenriched product list

Iceshop further improves its WooCommerce connector. Now, it is possible to download an unenriched product list. This makes it easier to analyze such products.

What is new?

What are the key benefits of the WooCommerce/Icecat connector? This connector enables the automated enrichment of product content directly from the Icecat catalog in combination with other Iceshop WooCommerce connectors for vendor integration and e-ordering. The products can be matched with brand product codes or GTINs.

With the new improvement, it is possible to download a CSV file from the WooCommerce add-on with all unenriched products. The reason for not enriching the products may be that the product does not exist in Icecat yet or because you do not have the correct Icecat license: Open Icecat instead of Full Icecat, or no subscription to relevant verticals. With this list, Icecat can check the missing product datasheets and find the best solution. The advice could be an upgrade of your Icecat license or have it covered by a service level.

Where to find the download?

Where to find the WooCommerce Icecat add-on?

Firstly, log in to the WooCommerce platform. Next, go to WooCommerce “Settings”. Finally, click on the Icecat tab and scroll down. And, here you see the Icecat for WooCommerce Product Statistics (see screenshots below).

WooCommerce Product Statistics
Here you will find the download button for the non-enriched products.

Unenriched products list

The download button is added at the bottom of the Icecat page described above. Click on the download CSV button under the heading Icecat for WooCommerce Unmatched Products List, and the export of the CSV file will run.

Unmatched products list

Discuss with Icecat what the best way is to enrich the uncovered products. Do you have any further questions? Please contact us directly via de website.

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