Crozdesk: Icepim features cover all key requirements

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Crozdesk about Icepim vs Akeneo vs Plytix

If we look at the Crozdesk comparison matrix of Icepim versus Akeneo PIM vs Plytix PIM, it becomes immediately obvious that Icepim is covering all key PIM requirements. Is Icepim, and the Icecat Free Vendor Central, therefore one of the best-kept secrets of the industry? Maybe it is. Probably the lack of visibility was caused by the fact that it could lean on its best-in-class Icecat integration. Benefiting from the visibility of Icecat as a unique open content data source. The Iceshop team definitely didn’t spend much time on press buzz, but instead on diligently creating version after version. To meet the evolving needs of client projects.

Icepim most feature rich

Comparing Icepim with Akeneo and Plytix: what they all share is – of course – the basics: a product catalog as the central database, an API, necessary for enabling external integrations, and data import and export tools in the user interface. It is the completeness in advanced features that sets Icepim apart from its alternatives. Plytix doesn’t support calendar management and scheduling of jobs, and has no third-party plugins or a SAP integration, like Icepim has. Also Akeneo PIM doesn’t have a standard SAP integration or scheduling function. Further Akeneo has no standard dashboard and data visualization environment.

Visibility through add-ons

Although Icepim has a quickly growing list of clients, it still needs to work on its general visibility. But, its philosophy is not to invest in pay-to-play schemes as they are inherently misleading. Till now Icepim leans on its growing number of add-ons to popular e-commerce environments such as Amazon, Google, Woocommerce, PrestaShop, Shopify, and Magento Commerce, and to 100s of vendors. And maybe that is also the best way to go in an integrated, syndication-driven world. Can a great product, being most feature-rich on Cozdesk, still sell itself?

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