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WooCommerce Connector Enriches Product Content for Smart Click New Zealand

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WooCommerce connector for Smart Click

Smart Click New Zealand enriches its offers with rich product content from Icecat fully automated thanks to the new WooCommcerce connector. Smart Click sells services, such as laptop repairs, virus and software fixes, desktop or tower pc repair. The WooCommerce connector for Smart Click solves their issues by putting multiple data feeds, including enriched content, into one single output feed.

Benefits WooCommerce connector

What are the key benefits of the Icecat WooCommerce connector? First of all, the Icecat connector solves the challenge to join multiple data feeds with additional content into one single output feed, quickly and easily. Furthermore, the connector automates the enrichment of product offers in different environments, directly from the Icecat catalog. Finally, the connector supports full PIM management of product attributes, images, etc.

Our experience with the Iceshop team is amazing. I like to work with a team that knows what they are doing regarding multiple data feeds.
They say if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t true,
but it is true with the Iceshop team.

Drew Howitt – Technical director at Smart Click

How does the connector work?

After installation, the WooCommerce connector, as used by Smart Click, will automatically create, update, and/or delete the required product content that matches the catalog in WooCommerce. Each night this connector checks in batch if there is any updated or new content available for the assortment. Similar connectors are available for Magento, Prestashop, and Shopify.

So, do you run into problems with joining multiple data feeds? Then, don’t hesitate to contact us directly via the website.

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Marketing and Communication Assistant Iceshop BV

Vendit packages POS and PrestaShop with Icecat Connector for Retailers

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Vendit uses Icecat connect

POS supplier Vendit uses the Prestashop Icecat Connector for its retail partners to offer a full-service product content package. This includes the following: a managed PrestaShop webstore, a connected Point Of Sales (POS) system, and the rich product content from Icecat via the standard connector. Vendit’s roots go back to 1986, and thus the early days of retail automation. It successfully pivoted to omnichannel. Especially, because of the lockdowns, a must for its clientele.

Icecat connector for Vendit customers

Vendit already created many Prestashop webshops for its customers. Already quite a few of these customers are provided with Icecat data via the Prestashop Icecat connector. A major advantage is that this content connector creates and updates the required product content that automatically matches a Vendit retailer’s portfolio. This data includes product specifications, descriptions, and images. For a retailer, it is also possible to edit the content and maintain professionally managed multilayer navigation filters. Every night the Icecat connector automatically syncs the PrestaShop catalog with the Icecat database.

Benefits for Vendit

There are several benefits for Vendit to use the Prestashop Icecat connector for its customers. Firstly, with the Icecat connector, Vendit offers its retail clients a very affordable and state-of-the-art rich product content service. Furthermore, Vendit, nor its retail clients, need to worry about the integration as Iceshop takes full care of the installation and management of the connector.

Do you want more information, or do you want to be connected with the Icecat connector? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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Chief Executive Officer at Iceshop BV - visit

STRAX joins Iceshop Vendor Network

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  January 21, 2021
STRAX joins Iceshop Vendor Network

STRAX joins Iceshop vendor network. STRAX, founded in 1995, is a global provider of technical accessories that enable a mobile lifestyle. Iceshop’s purchasing vendor network is thus growing further, after the recent addition of Flex-IT DistributionDIFOX, and Integral Memory, to a total of 300+ connected vendors.

Benefits for STRAX and retailers

STRAX has access to the retailers already part of the Iceshop network. Now that STRAX joins the Iceshop vendor network, retailers can more easily find the distributor’s offers in Iceportal. All Iceimport clients have access to Iceportal, the purchase portal of Iceshop.

Through Iceportal, STRAX is easier to find, and this will generate more sales leads for STRAX. When required, we can also fully digitize the purchasing process. Therefore, you can purchase Iceorder; and Iceshop can take care of the automated exchange of price and availability, and order status messaging via Iceportal, Iceimport, and Iceorder. We also provide the products with rich product content in this automation process.

How to add rich product content

Iceshop has a close connection to Icecat to deliver standardized rich product content, i.e., the product data-sheets that manufacturers provide to help end-users in their decision process. Furthermore, rich content is useful for developing search filters and comparison tables. Our single catalog export format includes matching Icecat IDs. This makes it very easy to retrieve the matching Icecat datasheet from the Icecat database.

Benefits of Iceportal

Iceportal is primarily a portal for retailers to find information about products and suppliers. However, it is also an exciting environment for suppliers because it helps suppliers easily find new retailers and expand their distribution networks. One of the main benefits of Iceportal is that retailers can quickly find information from which suppliers they can order; they can also find all status information about their orders. It is also possible to set different search filters to quickly and easily find the desired product.

How does it work?

Retailers that use Iceportal can select STRAX as a preferred supplier. Alternatively, they can find the distributor in the optional supplier list for its supplies. If a retailer chooses STRAX as a preferred supplier, the distributor is added to the connected suppliers’ list. These preferences streamline the ordering processes of a retailer.

Further, system integration is easy as all data from connected suppliers are provided in one single catalog export format. We also make it easy to integrate the standardized data into your environment through plug-ins and end-to-end integrations. There are standard plug-ins available, for example, Magento, Prestashop, and WooCommerce.

By connecting as many retailers and suppliers as possible to the vendor network, we bring supply and demand together.  

Do you want to connect to the Iceshop Vendor Network as well? Please contact us via our website.

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Chief Executive Officer at Iceshop BV - visit

New Iceshop Magento Module More Efficient

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Iceshop Magento modules

The Iceshop Magento module introduces several improvements. First of all, the optimization of the image import process. Secondly, ensuring unique URL keys for products. And adjustments to URL keys for products in case of non-alphanumeric characters in product names.

What was the issue? Some of our clients ran into other problems related to URL keys. But these are now fixed with this new Iceshop Magento module update. In some cases, Magento threw errors regarding incorrect or non-unique URL keys, causing our process image queue to stop. With these improvements to our modules, the image queue processing now runs smoothly again.

Icecat connect image process

The new Magento Icecat connector improves the image download process. For example, images that are already added will not be downloaded again. This improvement will speed up the download process considerably.

Iceimport option to add a prefix for product URL key

Further improvements to the URL key are live as well. Before our improvement, the module used the product name in a URL link. But, as multiple products can have the same product name, this led to non-unique URLs. With our new improvement, every product in Magento generates a unique URL. We do this by adding a combination of brand and product code to the URL key.

Non-alphanumeric characters replaced by a “-“

A URL must not contain non-alphanumerical characters. Otherwise, the URL will not work correctly. Sometimes product names contain non-alphanumeric characters, for example for inches (“). In case there is a non-alphanumeric character in a product name, then a “” will now automatically replace the URL key. In this way, every unique product and category URL in Magento will always work.

Icecat Magento Module by Iceshop

Iceshop provides user-friendly modules for the popular Magento platform. These modules automatically import Icecat product content. This includes product images, specifications, descriptions, marketing texts, but also rich content. Our aim is to make e-business easy.

Icepim Present on More PIM Selectors

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PIM Selectors

Icepim is now live on the PIM (Product Information Management) selectors PIM selection and PIM Solutions. This, in addition to inclusion on review site These websites collect data about PIM systems and compare these with customer needs. In this way, they try to help a user to choose the best PIM system for an application area.

Not only consumers are making use of comparison sites like Google shopping,, and Kieskeurig, but also business professionals. Being present on comparison sites helps to improve brand awareness and convince, in our case, more potential customers to consider Icepim. We believe it is the most convenient PIM system in its class. Especially, for medium to large companies. Below, I explain why.

Automating content and e-commerce flows

Unique is that Icepim specializes in automating content and e-commerce business flows. It seamlessly integrates the popular product content service Icecat, offers 100s of supplier connections, and supports mappings, filtering rules, and pricing rules. Especially, large-scale e-businesses save a lot of time with Icepim thanks to the many automation options. Furthermore, Icepim is state-of-the-art as it is supplemented with rich content, and it allows for easy management of product content. This why Icepim stands out in PIM selectors.

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Marketing and Communication Assistant Iceshop BV

From Travel to E-commerce, waiting for the Vaccine

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travel to e-commerce

After I finished my software development education, I started working in the travel industry as a PHP developer. I loved this job because of the nice conviviality and open ambiance. I mainly built a CMS system and was able to maintain and expand it. But, I lost my job due to COVID-19 as the travel industry imploded and other e-commerce soared. I dislike such instability.

Therefore, I started looking for a new challenge. I made the change from travel to e-commerce as I started last month as a PHP developer at Iceshop. The e-commerce environment is a whole new challenge for me. The job itself is not so new to me. I already have experience with PHP, Javascript, and mySQL. I also fit well in the Iceshop team because it is an international team and I speak fluently Dutch, English, and Turkish.

Maybe also nice to know about me: development is my passion. Further, I like to game, and I love to go out (if COVID-19 permits). I was born in the Netherlands and grew up in Rotterdam.

Unfortunately, I’m not the only one who lost a job due to COVID-19, and I’m certainly not the last. Fortunately, I found a new job quite quickly. Hopefully, most people who have become unemployed due to COVID-19, find also a job soon. And I also hope that the corona unemployment will drop to previous levels, now that new vaccines are available.


It’s not over yet, but thanks to the COVID-19 vaccines, the end is getting nearer and nearer. The opinions on the vaccines differ a lot. Some people fear long-term consequences and others prefer the vaccine today and believe it is the solution. Personally, at this moment, I know too little about it and would first like to wait for the results of the vaccine in the Netherlands, before taking it myself. Fortunately, I am not yet among the target group of vulnerable people that receives the vaccine first. This gives me the time to think more about it and see what it does to others.

The new normal

Furthermore, also with the vaccine and almost the end of these unstable times, I expect that life will never be totally the same as before the COVID-19 pandemic. UrbanNext wrote an article about seven interesting predictions for the changes that might occur.

The seven points that are expected to be different for everyone:

Houses, not apartments. People do not want to go to multi-story buildings anymore, but prefer their own house with a little garden.

Bunkers better than open-plan. The desire to prepare your home for natural or man-made hazards is no longer surprising.

Self-sufficient power and water. The goal is independence from the outside world, minimizing risks in the case of a full shutdown.

Filtration and neutralization. Water and air filter systems were often seen as an unnecessary addition. After the pandemic, this trend will change.

Home as the new office. More attention will be given to the arrangement of the workplace at home. So, less travel, more e-commerce.

Urban farming goes global. It used to be trendy to start small gardens near homes or on balconies, but now it will be a boom. It has been proven that physical interaction with living plants is good for our mental health.

Rejection of mass industry. The new world will be about things that matter. There will be fewer objects, and they will be chosen more responsibly. 

According to Deloitte, the world is also increasingly dependent on the digital world. Through COVID-19 it becomes visible what being digital truly means. It is not just about cool apps, but about having a solution chain that runs deep across processes, people, and technology. It’s a fundamental change in the way we work, live, and do business.
Because Iceshop helps to automate sales, purchasing, and product content processes for online environments, I think I made a good choice to go work for Iceshop.

Besides that, I wait and see what the future will bring me. For now, I am more than happy that I found quickly a new job. With my education and previous work experience, I will help to improve the current e-commerce services within Iceshop like Icepim, Icepimport, and Iceportal. But more importantly, I will also develop new ones by working on all areas for improvement.

I am looking forward to meeting clients and colleagues, online and in-person to achieve great things together!

Update: New Prestashop Connector Version 1.1.0

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New Prestashop connector version

Iceshop releases its new Prestashop connector version 1.1.0. In short, this new version contains several improvements. Firstly, you can now use reference files for Brand Product Code matching. Furthermore, we skip now empty features entirely. Finally, you can now customize the generation of product descriptions.

Iceshop built a user-friendly connector for the popular Prestashop platform. This connector automatically imports Icecat product content. This includes product images, specifications, descriptions, and marketing texts. There are also connectors available for other platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, and Shopify.

Reference files for matching

Previously it was possible to use a special Product Code-feature field created by the module for matching with Icecat product data-sheets. With the new Prestashop connector version, it is now also possible to use the reference field that is available by default in Prestashop for this purpose.

No empty features

The module does not set features anymore when there is no value present. So only when a feature has a value for at least one product the feature is set in PrestaShop.

Description generator

With this new version, you can now decide upon which Icecat fields you would like to use to generate product descriptions. There are two options available. Firstly, you can choose the Icecat Long description. Secondly, you can use the Icecat long summary description. Both options can also be combined to ensure that the description is always filled even when your first option is empty.

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Chief Executive Officer at Iceshop BV - visit

Review Icepim on Crozdesk

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icepim on crozdesk

The Iceshop PIM is now available for review on Crozdesk is a business software discovery platform. It helps buyers to find and compare 1000s of software products across 280+ different categories since 2014.

Now that Icepim is registered, it will be easier to collect user reviews. With these reviews, we want to gain better insights into the usage and user experience of customers to further improve Icepim. We are of course motivated to improve our PIM score, to win awards. At the moment the Icepim scores 62/100 points. The top 5 of the PIM Award 2020 are as follows: Akeneo, Pimcore, Salsify, Widen Collective, and Sales Layer.

Crozdesk judges the PIM on four points. Firstly, the product’s relevance regarding this list. Secondly, breakdowns of user satisfaction per product. Further, the market attendance score of each vendor. And finally, the buzz score. The PIM registered on Crozdesk, will help to raise brand awareness.

Crozdesk Market Radar

The Crozdesk Market Radar divides companies into four categories in the PIM award list. Icepim is listed as “Market Leader” by Crozdesk.

Do you have any experience with Icepim? Please leave a review on Crozdesk to help us further improve the PIM. If you have any questions about Icepim, please contact Iceshop via our website.

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Marketing and Communication Assistant Iceshop BV

Icepim 2.3.4: Support for Delta Import, Pre-filter, Re-stock Date, and PDFs

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Icepim release notes

Icepim 2.3.4 is now live. What are the new features and improvements of the Icepim 2.3.4 version? Below, you can find the full release notes.

The previous Icepim release includes improved exports, logging, and enriching products of brands and categories.

Delta CSV import

Per this release, it is possible to only import changed product data. With such delta imports, you can apply only these changes to your imported catalog. Before this release, all information had to be re-imported every time, even if only a minor change was made. Now you only import the changed product data-sheets, and the rest will remain the same. This makes importing a lot faster.

Apart from the delta and full import options, Icepim has many other import options including using a dedicated API. If you are still using the full-import method via CSV, please request us to optimize the import type to your needs.

Icepim import options

Create prefilters using category conversions

If you now go to the category conversions page in Icepim, you can add here a pre-filter. Therefore, you do not have to go to the “prefilter page” separately to add such a selection filter. Now, this can be set simultaneously with category conversions. This makes it simpler and easier for the user.

In the image below, the prefilter option is shown in the lower right corner with a blue square around it.

Icepim prefilter

Restock date for Magento

We added a restock date field, which is useful for Magento CSV imports. Thanks to this addition, you can see exactly when a product is back in stock. If the stock is 0 and the product is not available, a back-in-stock-date will automatically be displayed. Now you know exactly when you can re-order the product. It is also possible to use the restock field in a selection filter. For example, you can set a filter for products that are back in stock within two days. In this way, you can make a good overview of when the products are in stock again.

Icepim restock

You can see the restock date range option in the filter options. And if the stock level of a product is 0 in the product list below, the restock date is also shown behind the stock level.

PDF files tab on product edit page

Further, it is now possible to view the PDF of the product content provider Icecat in Icepim. You can see this PDF on the product edit page. In this way, you know exactly which product content is enriched by Icecat.

The PDF button can be found on the product edit page. In the image below I have circled the PDF button.

Icepim pdf

Full release log

Features and improvements added:

  • Delta CSV import
  • Possibility to create pre-filters using category conversions
  • Product state field for CSV export
  • Re-stock date field for Magento CSV import
  • PDF files tab on the product edit page
  • Performance improvement: reduces unnecessary product content exports. Only if price/stock is updated
  • Improved filtering of include and exclude rules in CSV import


  • Price rule editing from the product page
  • Language-dependent Icecat import
  • Product last modified time updating in image resizer
  • Live price and stock update
  • Category tree presentation on the product edit page
  • Wildcard filtering bug

If you have any questions or need support. Please, contact Iceshop directly via the website.

Flex IT Distribution Sustainable Alternative in Iceshop Vendor Network

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Flex IT Distribution Joins Iceshop Vendor Network

Flex IT Distribution joins the vendor network of Iceshop. This purchasing network is growing further, after the recent addition of DIFOX and Integral Memory. Who is Flex IT? Flex IT is a supplier for IT retailers in Europe for over 15 years. The supplier specializes in recycled alternatives to the latest equipment. This leads to significant cost benefits for end-users and a reduced carbon footprint.

Added value for Flex IT resellers

Resellers can now easily find the products of Flex IT in Iceportal, the purchase portal of Iceshop. Furthermore, they can automate the purchase connection via Iceimport and Iceorder. These purchase services are now also including product availability and personalized purchase prices for all Flex IT products. Consequently, Flex IT retailers can now offer refurbished alternatives to more expensive new products. In this way, they help their clients to meet their sustainability objectives.

How does it work? Retailers that use Iceportal can select Flex IT as a preferred supplier. Alternatively, they can find the distributor in the optional supplier list for the products it supplies. If a retailer chooses Flex IT as a preferred supplier, then the distributor is added to the list of connected suppliers. These preferences, streamline the ordering processes of a reseller. Further, system integration is easy because all data from the connected suppliers are provided in one single catalog export format.

Through plugins and end-to-end integrations, we make it still easier to integrate the standardized data into your platform. There are such standard plugins available for Magento, Prestashop, and WooCommerce.

By connecting as many retailers and suppliers as possible to the vendor network, we bring supply and demand together.

How to add rich product content?

Iceshop has a close connection to Icecat to deliver standardized rich product content, i.e., the product data-sheets that manufacturers are providing to help end-users in their decision process. Furthermore, rich content is useful for developing search filters and comparison tables. Our single catalog export format includes matching Icecat IDs. This makes it very easy to retrieve the matching Icecat datasheet from the Icecat database.

Benefits for Flex IT

Flex IT gets access to the resellers that are already part of the Iceshop network. As Flex IT joins the Iceshop vendor network, retailers can now more easily find the distributor’s offers. This generates sales leads for Flex IT. Furthermore, the purchasing process is fully digitized. In short, Iceshop takes care of the automated exchange of price and availability, orders, and order status messaging via Iceportal, Iceimport, and Iceorder.

Do you want to connect to the Iceshop Vendor Network as well? Please, contact us via our website.

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Chief Executive Officer at Iceshop BV - visit

Integral Memory Joins Iceshop’s Vendor Network

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Iceshop adds Integral Memory to its Large Network of Distributors

Integral Memory joins Iceshop’s global vendor network. Integral Memory, a UK manufacturer of memory and LED lighting products since 1989, is now included in Iceimport. This vendor network already covers more than 300 different suppliers. Nowadays, Integral Memory produces Memory Cards, Card Readers, USB Flash Drives, Solid State Drives, RAM-Memory, and, since 2013, also LED lighting products. The purchase information that is available through Iceimport includes, for example, actual purchase prices and stock quantities, brand names, brand part codes, and product descriptions. This data is automatically available for any retailer with a login for Iceportal (beta).

Added value for retailers

What are the advantages for resellers of Integral Memory of this move to join the Iceshop vendor network? Through Iceimport retailers, and their back-offices, receive timely purchase data, including purchase price and stock level. All data from all suppliers are provided in one single catalog export format. It is easy to integrate, as many plugins or end-to-end integrations are present. For example, for add-ons are present for Magento Commerce, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, etc etc. This catalog format can be found in the Iceportal, the web-based reseller purchase portal for manual lookup of supplier data. Further, the retailer benefits from standardized product data-sheets of Integral Memory by Icecat. These product data-sheets provide additional data such as categorization, GTIN, and standardized product descriptions. Thus, Iceimport turns product information from any supplier into a complete and up-to-date database.

In summary, the data is always available, and easy to find and share. For the integration of Iceimport, there are three export formats available. Firstly, the most commonly used standard Iceimport output. Secondly, a customized output, on request. And, finally a full integration with the client system. E.g., via a standard module or API2API. Possibly, in combination with other services such as Icepim.

“We found it a challenge to bring our company to the attention of the right target group. Thanks to this collaboration, we expand our network quickly and easily.” 

Kees Vogelaar, Area Manager Netherlands/Flanders, Integral Europe BV

Benefits Iceportal

Integral Memory asks its existing resellers to make use of the Iceimport service to save cost and time. Or, for interested resellers, to become a business partner, directly. If you want this, please fill in Integral Memory’s contact form or let us know. We are happy to assist.

Although Iceportal is primarily a portal for retailers to find information about products and suppliers, it is also an interesting environment for suppliers. Because it helps them to easily find new resellers to expand their distribution networks.

What are the key user benefits of Iceportal? First of all, retailers can find quickly information from which suppliers they can order. Furthermore, they can find all status information about their orders. Finally, it is possible to set different search filters to find the desired product fast and easy.

Let us know if you want to connect with Integral Memory via Iceimport and Iceportal.

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Marketing and Communication Assistant Iceshop BV

Dutch Consumers Spent 700 Million Euro in European Webshops

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Dutch Consumers Spent 100s of Millions in European Webshops

During the second quarter of 2020, Dutch consumers spent a record amount of €696 million at foreign online webshops in the EU. This is 37% more compared to the same period last year. During that period, €508 million was spent. The rate of increase in the turnover of European webshops is more than doubled in the second quarter of 2020 compared to the first quarter. At that time the turnover rose by less than 16%. Although in the first quarter, Dutch consumers still spent 471 million euros on European webshops.

Sales of EU webshop to Dutch consumers

Due to COVID-19, in March, measures like a lockdown were taken. People were advised to stay at home as much as possible, and many shops needed to close their doors. These measures boosted e-commerce. The sales of webshops, based in the Netherlands, are 55% higher in the second quarter of this year compared to the same period last year, which is the highest growth measured so far.

A distinction can be made between Dutch webshops and so-called multichannel shops, companies that sell online and offline. Turnover from webshops in the Netherlands was 45% higher during Q2 compared to the same period last year. For multichannel shops, online sales were 68% higher during Q2.

Source: CBS

Distributor DIFOX added to Iceshop Network

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Distributor DIFOX added to Iceshop

Distributor DIFOX joins the Iceshop distributor network. DIFOX is one of the largest independent wholesalers in Europe, with more than 100 years of history. DIFOX’s 30,000 products of 500 different A-brands are now easier to find by retailers. Because DIFOX will appear automatically in the catalog systems of resellers in our network. For each product in the catalog, our system indicates which of the 300 distributors can deliver it and for what price. This will definitely generate more business for DIFOX.

Connect with Iceimport

Technically, there is now a DIFOX connector with Iceimport. Resellers use Iceimport’s distributor connection to import in several exchange formats the reseller-specific pricing of DIFOX as well. But, also stock data is exchanged.

DIFOX in Iceportal

Iceportal is a web-based purchase portal for retailers to find information about products and distributors. It is also very interesting for DIFOX as its catalog is now easy to find for retailers. And this makes it easier for retailers to find and buy its A-brand products.

DIFOX and Iceshop want to expand the network via Iceportal to syndicate the best product purchase information. For example, if a product is in stock. Or when someone places an order and the distributor also has a connection with Iceorder. Then the retailers can receive the order status and track and trace code via the web portal as well. Soon there will also be new filter options in Iceportal.

Do you want more information about DIFOX, Iceimport, or Iceportal? Please contact us directly.

The “Disrupted” E-commerce Trends of 2020

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E-commerce Trends 2020

Each year there are predictions for business trends. To inspire us to grow and move with the market. For e-commerce trends 2020, things turned out differently than predicted. Companies have to be more flexible. But what exactly has changed in the trends since COVID-19 is among us? I have selected a few E-commerce trends in 2020 that we want to work on.

Voice search: small change, big impact

Quoracreative says that in 2020 more than 50% of searches are based on voice search technology. Google wants to guarantee users optimal search results based on voice input. The impact on design is often limited to a microphone icon for voice-to-text conversion and in mobile applications the interpretation of voice commands.

voice search optimization statistics


Due to lockdowns, many physical stores closed. But companies also start to invest and improve their webshop and expand through sales partnerships. By offering products through marketplaces and 3rd party webshops, companies are able to continue to develop their sales channels.

Website traffic growth of 57 U.S. marketplaces
Example of the US marketplaces

Social commerce

More and more sales are taking place via Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. It’s called social commerce. It depends on the type of products you sell which channel is most suitable. When developing your marketing activities it is good to keep an eye on which channels are interesting to use.

Lower Returns

According to Dutch research, customers want longer return options and clear information. The customers find clarity the most important. The actual return time remains fairly the same. Interestingly enough, if you give a consumer a reflection period of 31 days, the number of returns will decrease by 47% compared to shorter return periods.

Clear information is also important for e-commerce management. For example, it is good to find out the reason for returns.

Direct to consumer (D2C)

Direct brand communication is important for the customer. It is a trend. Communication about delays, shipping information, or other important details is not only communicated by a store but also by the brand. With different accents of course. In this way, the customer experience improves and contributes to a trustworthy relationship during difficult times.

According to Statista, D2C sales in the U.S. alone reached $14.28 billion in 2019 and will increase to $17.75 billion by the end of 2020.

D2C e-commerce sales in the U.S.

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Marketing and Communication Assistant Iceshop BV- Develop and improve the marketing activities and generate more leads with a new website, digital communication, advertising campaigns, and update the Social Media channels.

Webshop Platforms for Connected E-commerce. The Top 5.

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Webshop Platforms for Connected e-commerce The Top 5

What are my top five webshop platforms for connected e-commerce? In short, there are many options for webshops that can be connected to a supply chain. If you want to avoid developing connectors yourself, then it makes sense to look into platforms that have standard supply chain add-ons available. These are typically the most popular ones, such as Magento, Woocommerce, Prestashop, Shopify, and Batavi.

Most popular platforms?

Which webshop platforms are the most popular? In conclusion, WooCommerce is by far the most popular platform of 2020. Also, among Icecat customers WooCommerce, Prestashop, and Amazon are the most used platforms.

Best e-commerce software platforms In 2020
Overview marketshare webshop platforms 2020

Best choice for your business?

What is the best webshop choice for your business? That depends of course on your specific requirement. In general, all platforms have the same basic functionalities. But, some are more feature-rich than others. These platforms are often more complicated and expensive. When making a choice, you have to pay attention to the small differences.

In short, in the table below you will find an overview of my top five e-commerce platforms with their various features. In order to see what suits you best.

Magento-plugin-connectorWordpress WoocommercePrestashop-plugin-connectorBatavi-plugin-connector
Open source+/-++
Flexible to build++++/-
User friendly++++
Quick set-up++++
Support included++
Enterprise version+Only Shopify Plus+
Good reviews++++No reviews
Template available+LimitedLimited++
Free version++++/-
Commercial upgrade?+++


What are the pros of Magento? First, it allows you to fully control how you deliver your customer experience, without limits. Second, Magento enables merchants to sell customizable products and digital goods online. Third, it enables merchants to handle the complexities of B2B commerce. Fourth, it supports various payment solutions such as PayPal and Amazon Pay. And finally, Magento web stores can also be used and managed mobile.

The main con is that hosting Magento is very “heavy”. Therefore a good hosting package is required. Further, users experience a loss of performance when no extensive hosting package is chosen. When this is the case, you will immediately notice this in the speed of the system. Another issue is ‘bugs’. Magento suffers from bugs relatively often. Some disappear like snow in the sun, but others are sticky. And finally, Magento is complex. Not in the last place because different commercial or community versions can be incompatible.


The main advantages of WooCommerce are the availability of an endless number of plugins and its scalability. But, also the seamless integration with WordPress, good product presentation, ease of adding product variants, its user-friendly interface, good search engine optimization, and the presence of a global community for asking questions.

But, the cons are that WooCommerce has only a limited number of free templates and there are hidden costs related to maintenance, upgrades, and managing the interactions between plugins.

In conclusion, WooCommerce is a great low-entry option if you already have experience with WordPress as a website management tool or if your budget is very limited.


The pros for Prestashop are first the availability of an endless number of plugins. Secondly, its scalability. Thirdly, good product presentation, Fourth, ease of adding product variants. But also its user-friendly interface, good search engine optimization, and the presence of a global community for asking questions.

But, the cons are that Prestashop has only a limited number of free templates and there are hidden costs related to maintenance, upgrades, and managing the interactions between plugins.


In short, Shopify has a global user base that provides ratings and community support and guaranteed performance and security in its own cloud hosting. Furthermore, it has all the bells and whistles. For example, it is easy to use, has standard online marketing options, and had a 30-day trail. But also supports a responsive design (for mobile and tablet) with many themes you can adjust yourself and provides a wide choice of “add-ons”.

On the other hand, you should check carefully whether Shopify has the integrations you want. But, the installation process is slow and is more vulnerable to hackers as you can customize it. And in addition, its built-in blogging platform is not the best. Further, a lot of Shopify jargon is thrown at you as a user. Finally, it is difficult to switch to another platform.


The pros of Batavi are that is a fully flexible template system for business-to-business applications. Most important, it has a complete content management platform and customer-specific pricing support. Further, it has modules for payment, or shipping available, and it supports related products for cross- and upselling. Another pro is its content management system that is fully integrated with product content providers. For example, an Icecat interface is standard available. The Icecat specifications can be used for product search and product comparison.

A drawback is that Batavi has still a less extensive installed base than the other four mentioned webshop platforms.

In conclusion, Batavi is a great B2B webshop option. A hidden gem.

How to connect?

We have experience with connecting Magento Commerce, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Shopify, and Batavi. We created standard addons to these platforms for Icecat and supply chain solutions of Iceshop. For example, Icepim, Iceorder, and Iceimport. Also, we can set-up a total solution for you including required hosting, and help you navigate through the selection process.


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Marketing and Communication Assistant Iceshop BV- Develop and improve the marketing activities and generate more leads with a new website, digital communication, advertising campaigns, and update the Social Media channels.

Optimizing Computacenter’s E-commerce Processes

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  September 11, 2020
Iceshop Helps Computacenter to Optimize the e-commerce Process

To optimize e-commerce processes Iceshop delivers a complete and tailored solution to Computacenter Nederland based on Batavi. Who is Computacenter? Computacenter is a leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services, headquartered in the UK.

Jochem Vreeke, Manager Operations Computacenter, says, “Iceshop’s flexibility, expertise, and pleasant way of working are of great value in achieving our e-commerce challenges.”

Multifunctional platform

Computacenter needs a multifunctional and easy to use platform. Therefore, the Batavi platform of Computacenter contains several tailored functionalities. Firstly, the multi-shop engine. Secondly, Single Sign-On (SSO). Thirdly, an ERP connection with SAP. Fourthly, rich product content upload. Finally, Simplesurance integration. Below, I’ll explain this in more detail.

1. Multishop engine

In short, Batavi gives Computacenter the possibility to create customized ‘choose your own device’ portals. This is powered by a multi-template engine. As a result, Computacenter can set-up a purchase portal for each corporate customer. And also use a separate template for each individual purchase project.

2. Single Sign-On

SSO is hot, as users get tired of having to remember tons of different login credentials. For example, students log in to a university portal. Within the same session, they can buy IT equipment at the Computacenter school shop. No need for an extra login account.

3. ERP connection

Computacenter’s portals link to its SAP ERP. During this project, the BAAN ERP connection is phased out. This high volume connection processes 1000s of orders per month. This automated ordering helps to lower the transaction costs and save time.

4. Rich product upload

The Batavi solution of Computacenter automatically enriches products with Icecat rich-product content. This goes via a standard Icecat connector, which eliminates manual content management completely.

5. Simplesurance integration and order process

Via Simplesurance customers can easily select and buy insurances for their purchases. For example, anti-theft insurance for their new notebook. Orders via the portals are automatically sent to SAP for further processing.

More info

Do you want to know more about how Iceshop can help to optimize your e-commerce process? Then contact us directly.


New: Icecat Shopify connector by Iceshop

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Icecat Shopify connector by Iceshop

Iceshop launches a new add-on, an Icecat Shopify connector. This in addition to existing ones for Prestashop, Magento, and WooCommerce. These connectors not only link the most popular e-commerce platforms to PIM environments but also automate the import of Icecat product content. For example, product images, specifications, digital assets, and descriptions. All products are automatically enriched with product content on a daily base. Except for products for which a content lock is configured.

Why content integration?

A merchant needs content integration to connect its e-commerce site with its other online sales channels. And to connect back-end systems such as an ERP, or PIM with front-end systems such as a Point-Of-Sale system. A connector makes it possible to exchange information seamlessly between all such systems. As a result, an e-commerce business saves time, money, and makes fewer human errors as all manual tasks are automated.

For example, a retailer can keep track of the price. But, also how much inventory he has of each product in the ERP system. For example, if they sell a product online, the stock quantity needs to real-time adjusted. Without integration, one has to change inventory counts in both systems manually. But, with integration, inventory numbers are synchronized automatically.

What exactly do you want to achieve?

First, map out your goal. What exactly do I want to achieve? Before you build a website and everything that comes with it, it is good to first think about the following points: Who is the target group? What exactly do I want to achieve? Or sell? What options should be available? When did I reach my goal?

Search for a solution that suits your needs

Then go and see what options there are. Do not immediately go with the first option you find. Compare different options and see what best suits the answers to the above questions. Avoiding mistakes saves a lot of time and money.

Subscribe for Pilot

With 20+ years of experience, Iceshop continuously works on many different customized and cutting-edge e-commerce and PIM solutions. Iceshop delivers best-in-class data connectors and supports a multi-supplier set-up. This is a unique competence in combination with rich content integration, PIM cloud management, and running complete e-commerce projects.

For more information about the Icecat Shopify connector or other integration solutions, contact Iceshop directly. Also, you can subscribe until 18th of September 2020 for the Connection with Shopify pilot.

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Marketing and Communication Assistant Iceshop BV- Develop and improve the marketing activities and generate more leads with a new website, digital communication, advertising campaigns, and update the Social Media channels.

IcePIM 2.3.3: Improved Exports, Logging, Enriching Products, Added Wildcard Filters and GTIN Field

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IcePim improved version 2.3.3 has been released. The previous IcePIM release includes the option to enrich Product Data-Sheets in batch. What are the new features, improvements, and export opportunities for the improved Icepim version 2.3.3?

Improving export of Brands and Categories

Iceshop added the export type “used export” when selecting brands and categories. This helps users to select active brands from the PIM environment.

Wildcard filters

With a wildcard filter, users only have to enter a small piece of text. This selects or filters out any brand or category that contains that text string.

More options with prices

Further, we added a “promo purchase prices” attribute as a new price field in the warehouse tab. The promo purchase price is directly imported from selected distributors. This will helps users to get a complete overview of their purchase prices.

GTIN field on distributor level

In general, not all GTINs, or EAN codes, that are delivered by distributors will result in a match with Icecat. This is a result of flaws on the distributor side or because GTINs are not confirmed by the built-in quality check of Icecat.

On the other hand, users would like to receive all available data from distributors, this includes multiple GTIN codes. If they are not confirmed, it is still good to have the data for matching purposes. From now both GTIN quality levels are provided! Icecat’s confirmed GTIN via the general information tab and the distributor GTIN via the warehouse tab. Therefore, users will profit from the best of both worlds.

Enriching products

The performance of product enrichment is improved, and also new matching features are included. The manual product enricher is now able to retrieve content data through the GTIN and custom number (custom number as an alternative to Product Code). For example, there can be two products with the same custom number but with a (slightly) different Product Code.

This is useful when a product has multiple variants. For example: if you have two Iphone’s. One new and one refurbished and you would like to offer these as two separate products in your platform. Previously, offering those as two unique products was not possible. Because the Product Code number (example “12345-refurb”) did not match with Icecat’s.

Now, there is a solution to this challenge. By using “12345-refurb” as Product Code and filling “12345” in the custom number. It is possible to enrich with Icecat anyways and after enrichment modify the content of each product in the way you like. Users can now perfectly match with Icecat while not causing any ordering problems or issues at your supplier.


The updated logging allows users to better monitor which steps have been taken.

Full release log

New features and improvements:
– export for used brands
– export for used categories
– wildcard filtering
– import and export product warehouse purchase promo price
– updated price rules to show the purchase price
– saving distributor provided GTIN now by warehouse
– improved performance enricher when language not available in Icecat
– improved logging
– product enricher can now retrieve content data through GTIN and custom number (as Product Code)

– lock setting at business rule
– an issue with changing the admin language
– running jobs checker
– saving HTML code for product descriptions
– an issue preventing multiple price breaks for price rules
– issue linking to incorrect price rules on the product edit page
– corrected sorting order for Magento SOAP export

“I Switched from Catering to Marketing E-commerce Solutions”

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This August, I start my adventure in marketing Iceshop. A new challenge for me in a whole new and interesting online environment. Due to the corona crisis that hit the catering industry in which I was active, I was more than prepared to move to an entirely new industry. Thanks to my network, I got in contact with Iceshop and was able to start within two weeks.

With the ever-changing e-commerce market, a stable working environment during the crisis has a positive effect on online sales, and the crisis also gives Iceshop new opportunities. “The internet turnover of the retail trade was 54.8% higher in the second quarter than a year earlier. That is the highest growth measured so far. Turnover was 45% higher for pure online retailers.”*

Within Iceshop, I am going to further develop marketing activities. Such as generate more leads, work on a new website, improve digital communication, start online advertising campaigns, and keep social media channels up-to-date.

I am looking forward meeting clients and colleagues, online and in person to achieve great things together.

*source: Emerce

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Marketing and Communication Assistant Iceshop BV- Develop and improve the marketing activities and generate more leads with a new website, digital communication, advertising campaigns, and update the Social Media channels.

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